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Cornelia Scheitz

Bay Area · Ithaca · London
Bremen · Capetown · Berlin


Cornell University 2008 - 2013

Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics with a minor in Biochemistry (Defended: 10/31/2012)
Thesis: "Defining a tissue stem cell driven Runx1/Stat3 signaling axis in epithelial cancers"
Supervisor: Dr. T Tumbar and Dr. A Clark


Imperial College London 2007 - 2008

Master of Science in Human Molecular Genetics with Distinction
Thesis: "Differences in Copy number variances in monozygotic twins develop throughout lifetime"
Supervisor: Dr. M Falchi and Dr. P Froguel


Jacobs University Bremen 2004 - 2007

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology 1.55 (1.00 best)
Thesis: Investigating hamster testes development and gene regulation in E.coli (Final Grade: 1.00)
Supervisor: Dr. A Lerchl and Dr. G Muskhelishvili


EMBO 10/2012 pubmed

Scheitz, CJF ; Lee, T; McDermitt, D; Tumbar, T. "Defining a tissue stem cell driven Runx1/Stat3 signaling axis in epithelial cancers"

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 10/2012pubmed

Scheitz, CJF ; Tumbar, T. "New Insights into the Role of Runx1 in Epithelial Stem Cell Biology and Pathology"

PLOS ONE 08/2013pubmed

Scheitz, CJF ; Gu, Y; Early, AM; Harshman, LG; Clark, AG."Heritability and Inter-Population Differences in Lipid Profiles of Drosophila melanogaster"

Nature Communications 04/2016pubmed

Lee, J; Kang, S; Lilja, KC; Colletier, KJ; Scheitz, CJF ; Zhang, YV; Tumbar, T."Signalling couples hair follicle stem cell quiescence with reduced histone H3 K4/K9/K27me3 for proper tissue homeostasis"

31 years in 3930px

cur·ric·u·lum vi·tae : "A brief account of a person's education, qualifications, and experience, typically sent with a job application."


Lead Staff Scientist at Transcriptic

Managing the scientific progress and customer relations. Translating protocols from the bench to the robot.

`08 -`12

Genetics instructor at Auburn Correctional Facility

Instructed an introductory level genetics class as part of the Cornell Prison Education Program at Auburn maximum-security prison.

Young Stem Cell Investigator Award

1st Place at the 18th International Runx Workshop, San Diego.

Cornell Stem Cell Program Travel Award

Poster Prize at the Seventh Cornell Verge Symposium

"The skin stem cell regulator Runx1 is essential for initiation and maintenance of skin squamous cell carcinoma", Scheitz, C; Lee, T; Hoi, C; Tumbar,T.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant (Stem Cell Biology, Human Genomics) with duties including office hours, exam/homework drafting and grading as well as leading weekly graded discussion sections and lecturing.

Undergraduate Mentor

`07 -`08

Quality Assurance at Square Enix Ltd.

Identified and reported linguistic errors and game defects within console games in an international team.

e-fellows fellowship

Awarded for academic as well as social achievements. German privately held, high potential network with 16,000 selected members (0.75% of German students)

"Foundation of German Business" (SdW) fellowship

Awarded for excellent academic as well as social achievements. Included soft skill training such as management and communication by partner companies. (0.08% of German students)

`06 -`07

College Pioneer Award

Awarded for outstanding social commitment and active shaping of the college community throughout the undergraduate studies.

Manager Graduation Ball 2007

Acquired ~10,000 EUR in sponsoring and managed a ~35,000 EUR budget. Negotiated contracts for security, furnishing, dinner and cocktail service for over 1000 guests.

"Foundation of German Business" (SdW) fellowship

Awarded for excellent academic as well as social achievements. Included soft skill training such as management and communication by partner companies. (0.08% of German students)

Research Internship at LADR Bremen GmbH

"Polymorphisms of the GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes are not associated with metal allergies"

`05 -`06

Director General of BRIMUN 2006

Lead a team of 50 international students to host the Bremen International Model United Nations Conference 2006 with appr. 200 international participants. Responsible for all conference affairs, including budget, logistics, conference proceedings and social activities.

Intercultural Communication Workshop

Conducted a workshop as part of a team to introduce new students to the international environment and teaching awareness and tolerance for different cultural backgrounds.

Industry Internship at emp Biotech GmbH

Optimization of a new chemiluminescence detection method for DNA probes.

`04 -`05

HAIR Musical

Managed the budget of the campus musical production of Hair of ~15 000 EUR.

Action Painting

Concept and realization of Action Painting as creative outlet for Jacobs University students.


Andreas Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany

Abitur 1.65 (1.00 best) with focus on English, Biology, Mathematics and Political Education

Capetown, South Africa

Exchange student at a local school for 1½ months at the age of 16

Ilfracombe, UK

Exchange student at a local school for 2 months at the age of 14

Johann Gottfried Herder Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany

Bi-lingual education (English and German)


Getting started

What's not on paper

/skil/ : "1. The ability to do something well; expertise. 2. A particular ability."

Soft Skills

Acquired and practiced during my undergrad and graduate degress. Spiced up during my extracurriclar activities.

Presentation skills


Coming from a family of translators and interpreters...

German, English
French, Russian
Spanish, Afrikaans
Everything else


From user interface to statistics...


Without them, life wouldn't be so colorful.


Life outside the lab

Yes, I do have one. Everyone should have one ... or two.


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